Abeatchemist on Soundcloud

Welcome to the Abeatchemist Soundcloud page!  This is where we upload various music samples and truly shows our style and natural flavor.  We hope that you appreciate our “old-school” hip-hop origins and are inspired by our sound. LISTEN TO ABEATCHEMIST ON SOUNDCLOUD

“Tupac Shakur: Before I Wake” Sound Work

In early 2001, Abeatchemist was approached by SepiaTone Entertainment in conjunction with Xenon Pictures to create and license music tracks to be included in a new, exciting and revealing Tupac Shakur documentary titled Before I Wake. Before I Wake is unique in that it is the only known documentary that chronicles the last year of 

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Dicimitech Corporate Video Soundtrack

In late fall of 2015, Abeatchemist was fortunate enough through effective networking to be introduced to the CEO of DicimiTech, a digital design agency.  The initial intent was to solicit DicimiTech to help create and design a new and fresh logo for Abeatchemist, however, after the first conference call; DicmiTech quickly realized they could leverage 

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While You Were Sleep (EP)

In September of 2015, Abeatchemist embarked on a very aggressive and ambitious timeline set out by artist bR / SMPTE to deliver eight fresh and unique hip-hop tracks to accompany a new project titled “While You Were Sleep – (EP)”. With a very challenging deliverable to produce eight new tracks within 96 hours (that fit 

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