“Tupac Shakur: Before I Wake” Sound Work

In early 2001, Abeatchemist was approached by SepiaTone Entertainment in conjunction with Xenon Pictures to create and license music tracks to be included in a new, exciting and revealing Tupac Shakur documentary titled Before I Wake.

Before I Wake is unique in that it is the only known documentary that chronicles the last year of Tupac Shakur’s life as seen through the eyes of the one person that was closest to him at the time, his bodyguard, Frank Alexander.

Working closely with the Director/Producers of the documentary, Abeatchemist crafted unique tracks that provided the right soundscape to fit within the respective scenes chosen within the project.  Since the release of “Before I Wake”, it has gone on to sell thousands of copies world-wide and most recently was aired on the Fuse cable network station.

Working on this iconic project certainly helped Abeatchemist gain exposure to a broader global audience, artist and various other entertainment companies.

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